Center for innovative development of science and technologies

of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan

           The objectives, scope of activities and major tasks of the Center

         The overall objectives of the Center is to organize and conduct scientific research works and applied research works in the area of development and implementation of innovative projects and new technologies that are essential for the development of the country .

The main purposes of the Center are as follows:

-      Conduction and coordination of scientific research works on priority areas of basic and applied science as the basis for the development of innovation;

-       Development and implementation of innovative projects that is important for the development of the country;

-        Stimulation of the scientific-technical and innovation activity;

-      Promotion of the international scientific-technical      cooperation in the  field  of  innovation; 

-  Strengthening the links between science and education, participation  in educational activities and training of highly qualified scientific and scientific- pedagogical personnel, participation in publishing and scientific-educational activities;

-  Coordination of the collaboration of academic organizations with branch scientific-research institutes and universities in the sphere of innovation;

-       Strengthening of the links between science and industry in order to practically implement the scientific-technical and innovative projects and commercialize outcomes of the scientific-technical activities;

-        Development of programs and curriculum on information and communication technologies;

-           Development, creation and application of information and communication technologies, usage and development of new areas of computational linguistics, for learning Tajik language and the empowerment of its practical application.